21×21 is an angel cartel formed by 21 friends of over 21 years

We invest our own capital, time, and energy into companies with passionate and hustling founders. We are sector, geography, and round agnostic.

We live in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, New York, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul, Adana, Dubai, Bangkok, Jakarta, Sydney and Tokyo.

Our investments include hybr, Saarey, Bonded, Roamless, Priam AI, CatchJobs and blockpay, in the UK, the US, Germany, Mexico, and Turkey.

Easy access to the world of South Asian classical music

Building the brand for the first-time renter

We help low income workers get hired, get paid, and get financial solutions

Mobile data, calls & messaging for travellers

AI driven virtual cyber security analyst

Gathering global HORECA ecosystem under one roof

Lowering the barriers to financial inclusion

We love connecting with exceptional founders, investors and people with big dreams and a focus on execution.

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